January snow

Jumper - H&M
Jeans - Topshop
Hat - German market 
Boots - Dr Martens

It Is snowing finally!! Everybody seems to complain about the snow but I actually am so excited ha ha. I get to make a snowman, Throw balls at people and slide down things. What isn't there not to like?
Me and my neighbours decided to make a snowman but we failed, so tomorrow I will make a real snowman. I haven't made one in years so I am determined to make it the best! :)
I really would like to buy some new snow boots? Can anybody recommend any cute ones?

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5 Responses to January snow

  1. I may be your new stalker, be careful

  2. Love your jumper, following you now :)



  3. I bought this jumper last week, hope you don't mind ! :$